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Where Are They Now?
Nate Moore

“JRF’s Networking Weekend (Mentoring & Leadership Conference) was a big deal for me as a student since I had not traveled outside of California before. When I came to New York, I got to meet Scholars from across the nation. It was so powerful to see black faces from across the country coming together. JRF felt like a family – and for me it was important, especially in college, to be included in something like that, something bigger,” the Executive Producer of Captain America: Civil War recalled.

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JRF’s program helps mold college students into successful professionals and leaders, and our alumni continue to carry on the legacy of Jackie Robinson. If you are an alumna(us) and want to get involved in our Alumni Association, please contact:

JRF Alumni Association Executive Board

David Walker
Class of 2006
Thomas Bennett
Class of 2006
Vice President
Drake McCrary
Class of 2006
Mauri Robinson
Class of 2008
Kenneth Patterson
Class of 2003
Director of Membership

JRFAA Regional Chairs

Janet Abdul-Karim
Southeastern Coordinator
Tasha Byers
Midwestern Coordinator
Chad Foster
Northeastern Coordinator
Justin Henry
Southwestern Coordinator
Brandon Jackson
Midwestern Coordinator
Shruti Rangnekar
Midwestern Coordinator
Erica Taylor
Northeastern Coordinator
Lauren Underwood
Mid-Atlantic Coordinator
Tulani Watkins
Western Coordinator

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