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The 93 Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship Sponsors

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Featured Presenters
  • Andrew Young

    Andrew Young
    Former U.S.
    Ambassador to
    the U.N.

  • Harold Ford

    Harold Ford Jr.
    Former Congressman
    Managing Director
    Morgan Stanley

  • Norma Kamali

    Norma Kamali
    Fashion Designer

  • Marc Morial

    Marc Morial
    President & CEO
    The National Urban

  • Norman Siegel

    Norman Siegel Esq.
    JRF Board Member
    Partner, Siegel,
    Teitelbaum & Evans,

About the Mentoring & Leadership Conference

The Jackie Robinson Foundation Mentoring and Leadership Conference (MLC) is four days of developmental workshops, career exploration seminars, meetings with key public and private sector leaders, cultural and recreational outings and practical life skills classes for JRF Scholars. It also provides a unique opportunity for JRF sponsors to interact with Scholars in both professional and social settings.

  • In recognition of the 40th anniversary of the founding of JRF, the 2013 Mentoring and Leadership Conference (MLC) will explore the ways in which cultural narratives are woven into individual identity, and how the adoption of JRF core values direct that journey towards a life of excellence through education, leadership and service. Everyone has a story about ancestors from generations past, or stories of recent relatives, or stories about families formed out of love and care. We want to hear your story.

  • Our Mentoring and Leadership Conference is held annually in New York City the first weekend in March and is the hallmark of JRF’s model program. The audience will consist primarily of some 200 minority college students, who attend 100 different colleges and universities across the country and represent our current classes of JRF Scholars. In addition, we expect 100+ JRF alumni (out of 1,400) – many of whom are leaders in their chosen fields, and JRF sponsors and supporters.

In addition to professional panels, life skills and developmental workshops, a career and opportunities fair, and a health and wellness fair, the 2013 JRF Mentoring and Leadership Conference (MLC) includes: a plenary session entitled, "Legacy of the Civil Rights Movement," at which Ambassador Andrew Young, Marc Morial, president and CEO of the National Urban League, and former congressman and now managing director, Morgan Stanley, Harold Ford Jr. will be interviewed by civil rights activist and advocate, Norman Siegel, Esq. In another plenary, "Spreading Roots: Family as the First Network," panelists will discuss the importance of exploring your heritage and family history with databases, resources and family trees as a tool for business and self-discovery. Confirmed panelists are: Roland H. Pattillo, M.D., professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Morehouse School of Medicine (the story of Henrietta Lacks); Paula Madison, media executive, Africa Channel; and A'Lelia Bundles, author and journalist (granddaughter of Madam C.J. Walker).

Bonnie St. John, author and speaker, will be the freshmen plenary speaker. The Keynote Lunch on Saturday will feature four JRF Scholars and two Alumni who participated in Genealogy DNA testing to learn more about their genealogy and personal ancestry. In another workshop entitled "Planting the Seeds of Success," Scholars will hear from seasoned and accomplished individuals on how to maximize your success as you strive for a work/life balance. Scholars will be divided into groups by gender for this interactive session. Panelists include: Leilani Brown, SVP, Chief Marketing Officer, Starr Companies (moderator); Rita Barksdale, General Manager, GE Healthcare Maternal Infant Care; Kerry Chandler, EVP, Human Resources, National Basketball Association; Deidre Drake, SVP, Human Resources, BMO; Darline Jean, President & CEO,; Brickson Diamond, COO, The Executive Leadership Council (moderator); Henry McGee, President, HBO Entertainment; Anthony Mathis, VP, GE Aviation; Curtis Tearte, Managing Director, IBM; and Anré Williams, President, Global Merchant Services, American Express.

  • Nancy Armstrong

    Nancy Armstrong
    Chef de Cuisine
    BNP Paribas

  • Rita Barksdale

    Rita Barksdale
    General Manager
    GE Healthcare,
    Maternal Infant Care

  • Monica Bertran

    Monica Bertran
    Manager & Anchor,

  • Leilani Brown

    Leilani Brown
    Vice President & CMO
    Starr Companies

  • Alelia Bundles

    A'Lelia Bundles
    Author & Journalist

  • Kerry Chandler

    Kerry Chandler
    EVP, Human
    National Basketball

  • Anthony Del Monte

    Anthony Del Monte
    President & Founder
    Squeaky Wheel Media

  • Brickson Diamond

    Brickson Diamond
    COO, The Executive
    Leadership Council

  • Deirdre Drake

    Deirdre Drake
    Head of Human
    Resources, BMO
    Capital Markets

  • Jullien Gordon

    Jullien Gordon
    Coach & Consultant
    The Department of
    Motivated Vehicles

  • Darline Jean

    Darline Jean
    President & CEO
    Holdings LLC

  • Claude Johnson

    Claude Johnson
    The Black Fives

  • Paula Madison

    Paula Madison
    Chairman and CEO
    Williams Group

  • Anthony Mathis

    Anthony Mathis
    Vice President
    GE Aviation

  • Henry McGee

    Henry McGee
    Home Entertainment

  • Darren Moore

    Darren Moore, Ph.D.
    Marriage & Family
    Community Solutions

  • Ronald Pattillo, M.D.

    Ronald Pattillo, M.D.
    Morehouse School of

  • Kara Segel

    Kara Segel
    Director of
    GMAT Programs
    Bell Curves

  • Michael Selders, Ph.D.

    Michael Selders, Ph.D.
    Clinical Psychologist
    Dallas VA Medical

  • Alan Shatteen

    Alan Shatteen
    Professional & Financial
    Literacy Coach

  • Bonnie St. John

    Bonnie St. John
    Author & Speaker

  • Curtis Tearte

    Curtis Tearte
    Managing Director
    IBM Global Sales
    & Distribution

  • Connie T. Cerrachio

    Connie T. Cerrachio
    Career Coach
    Six Figure Start

  • Anré Williams

    Anré Williams
    President of Global
    Merchant Services
    American Express

  • Terrie Williams

    Terrie Williams
    The Stay Strong