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Scholarship Program

JRF’s two-pronged approach of providing generous four-year grants and comprehensive services ensures not only that JRF Scholars graduate from college but that they reach their full potential and develop leadership skills and character traits that benefit both them and the community-at-large.

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JRF In Service

JRF Scholars are required to perform community service throughout their college careers. This develops skills and promotes self-confidence in them while expanding JRF’s impact in the communities where they are engaged.

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The JRF Effect

JRF’s approach produces a measurably positive effect: a high college graduation rate and a pipeline of well-prepared, dynamic, young leaders. The effectiveness of JRF’s holistic approach is demonstrated anecdotally, through testimonials AND by the numbers.

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JRF Impact allows us to extend the JRF mentoring and support program online and serve students like never before.

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