Della Britton
President and CEO
Le-Ann Church
Manager of Scholarship Services
Samantha Gibson
Manager of Youth Programs, JRM
Caroline Harper, Ph.D.
Research & Program Evaluation Fellow
Jennifer Jensen
Curator, JRM
La'Tonya Johnson
Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
Franny Kent
Director of Educational Programming, JRM
Stephen Lynch
Vice President, Sponsor Relations
Cecilia Marshall
Vice President, Program Development & Strategy
Cynthia Medina
Development Manager
Ruth Moseley
Events Manager
Farrah Parker
Public Relations Consultant
Taina Quiñones
Manager of Content Development
Kelvin Redmond
Finance Consultant
Barbara Sawyer
Director of Operations
Jamari Selders
Programs Coordinator
Krystle Shakespeare
Assistant Director, Core Programs
Mireille Stephen
Operations Associate
Damian Travier
Vice President, Core Programs
Eric Yesline
Director of Program & Prospect Development