Application FAQ’s

View a list of frequently asked questions about becoming a Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholar and the application process.

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When is the application due?

The application and letter of recommendation are due by 5pm ET on February 1st. As we receive thousands of applications and everything must be submitted electronically, we recommend that you do not wait until the last day to submit your application.

Do I have to be a high school senior?

Yes, to be eligible for a Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship, an applicant must:

  • Be a graduating high school senior;
  • Plan to attend an accredited and approved four-year institution within the United States;
  • Show leadership potential;
  • Demonstrate a dedication to community service;
  • Present evidence of financial need;
  • Be a United States citizen;
  • Have a minimum SAT score of 1,000 combined on the math and critical reading sections or a composite ACT score of 21;
  • Not possess a degree from a 2 or 4–year College when applying for the scholarship

What if my SAT or ACT exam was canceled because of COVID-19?

JRF recognizes the challenges of taking standardized tests during the COVID-19 pandemic; applicants who do not HAVE TEST SCORES to submit will not be disadvantaged in the selection process.

Can I apply even if I haven’t been accepted to a college yet?

Yes, you may apply for our scholarship if you haven’t been accepted to a college yet. However, the eventual awarding of the scholarship will require verification of college enrollment.

How do you define “financial need?”

The Jackie Robinson Foundation understands that there is a wide array of financial need. We will look at each application on a case by case basis.

Do I have to be a minority to apply for this scholarship?

The Jackie Robinson Foundation prides itself on its diverse pool of Scholars; and uses the U.S. Census Bureau definition of minority. If you feel that you are part of a minority group, we encourage you to apply.

I have never played any sports of any kind. Do I have to be an athlete to apply for this scholarship?

No, you do not have to be an athlete.  The Jackie Robinson Foundation is a merit based academic scholarship.

How do you define community service and civic engagement?

The Jackie Robinson Foundation is looking for the next group of leaders and innovators. We are looking for individuals who address community needs in insightful, thought provoking, exciting new ways. Whether it is starting a non–profit or school organization, reading to local students, volunteering in the food pantry, or building houses for the needy, JRF Scholars are ambassadors of Jackie’s philosophy that, “A life is not important except in its impact on other lives.”

Do I have to attend an HBCU (Historically Black College/University) to receive this award?

No. The Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship Award allows you to attend ANY accredited and approved four-year institution within the United States.

Where do I send my application?

The application and the letter of recommendation can only be submitted electronically via JRF’s online application program, Infosnap.

Can I download the application, complete, and send in a hard copy?

No. The application can only be submitted online.

Who should complete the letter of recommendation?

It is important to select a recommender who will devote the time to provide a positive, compelling and accurate description of the applicant. The recommender should have known the applicant for a significant period of time, but should not be a family member or someone who knows the applicant only in a friendship capacity. The recommender should be fully aware of the applicant’s academic history, interests, and goals and should address the applicant’s ability to meet the requirements and expectations of the JRF scholarship, including strong academic performance, community service, and leadership propensity.  Possible recommenders to consider are: a guidance counselor, athletic coach, mentor, or employer.

How does my recommender submit my letter of recommendation?

Once you create an account with infosnap to complete your application, there will be a link to “schoolrecs,” where you will input your recommender’s email address and invite he/she to complete your letter of recommendation.  The system then notifies your recommender of the due date, lets you know when your recommendation has been completed, and is transmitted electronically to JRF. You can even include background information when you request a recommendation to assist in personalizing your letter.  Be sure to follow up with your recommender to ensure he/she submits your letter of recommendation at least 24 hours before the deadline.  For your application to be considered complete, all components, including your letter of recommendation, must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. EST on February 1, 2021. JRF will only accept online submissions.

My school prints my SAT/ACT Scores on the back of my official transcript. Is it necessary for me to have College Board or ACT send you my test scores?

Yes, since official high school transcripts are only required of applicants invited to interview, it is necessary for you to request for the College Board or ACT to send your test scores to the Foundation.

I am home schooled, what do I need to provide in lieu of a school district issued transcript?

As a home-schooled applicant, you should submit your parent-issued transcript.

Do you grant extensions for late applications?

No, we are unable to grant extensions for late applications. The application deadline date is February 1st at 5 pm EST.

When will I find out if I received the scholarship award?

You will be notified of your status by end of June.

How many awards do you typically give out?

The number of scholarship awards distributed varies each year, but typically, 60 awards are given out annually.

If I am awarded the scholarship, do I receive financial support for the four years that I am in college and meet the requirements?

Yes. The Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship award is disbursed over four years.

I will be in a five-year program in college. Will JRF support me in my fifth year?

The JRF commitment is for four years of college.

Is there someone I can contact if I need help completing the application?

For questions regarding the requirements and content of the scholarship application, contact: Jackie Robinson Foundation by email at For computer related technical assistance using the online application go to:

Application Timeline

November 1, 2020 
The 2020 application opens

February 1, 2021 - All components of the application are due by 5 pm EST

May 2021 - Regional Virtual Interviews of semi-finalists

June 2021 - Final notification of application status