The Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship Program

The Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship program is designed to address the financial needs of minority college students and provide comprehensive mentoring services through its 42 Strategies for Success Curriculum. Once chosen from a national, selective process, “Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholars” receive a generous four-year grant to assist with the costs of attending the college or university of their choice and are enrolled in JRF’s celebrated mentoring curriculum. JRF’s four-year curriculum enables students to effectively navigate the college environment, explore career options, develop leadership skills, and embrace a commitment to service. Throughout the four-year program, JRF also promotes the values and character traits embodied in the heroic life of its namesake.

The JRF scholarship is awarded to outstanding high school graduates who plan to earn a baccalaureate degree from an accredited, four-year college or university. Additional fellowships are given to JRF Scholars to pursue opportunities to work and study abroad and for post-graduate education.

Program Components


Scholarship Grant
“JRF Scholars” receive grants of up to $28,000 over four-years to complement the financial aid they receive from their colleges or universities. In addition, Scholars are financially sponsored to attend JRF’s annual, four-day “Mentoring and Leadership Conference” in New York City as well as other regional events throughout the year.

42 Strategies for Success Curriculum

As important as financial assistance, JRF Scholars receive extensive support services throughout their college careers.


Hands-on Mentoring
JRF staff, volunteer Scholar Advisory Committee (SAC) members, corporate and university partners, community leaders, and JRF Alumni provide academic, professional and practical life mentoring to JRF Scholars on an individualized, year-round basis.


Internships/Job Placement
JRF sponsors and institutional partners offer valuable career opportunities to JRF Scholars, providing internships, permanent employment and exposure to a rich network of professionals. The JRF staff works on a customized basis with corporations, community leaders, government agencies, and other employers to identify “good fit” job opportunities and to prepare Scholars to become leaders in a global economy.


Year-round Online and Regional Programming
JRF provides year-round webinars and on-site workshops that develop effective study habits, practical life skills, strong character traits and leadership. Program topics include public speaking, time management, conflict resolution, personal financial management, professional and personal etiquette, and strategies to address stress and social challenges. JRF Scholars are afforded opportunities to practice and hone these skills through networking, participating in public events, engagement in national and local media, and other ambassadorial platforms facilitated by JRF.


Mentoring and Leadership Conference
A key component of JRF’s robust curriculum is its annual, four-day “Mentoring and Leadership Conference” (MLC), hosted for all JRF Scholars and held in New York City. The MLC Conference for JRF Scholars coincides with the annual JRF Alumni reunion also held in NYC, which allows for important mentor and networking interaction between Scholars and alumni. During the meticulously orchestrated MLC conferences each year, JRF Scholars participate in career exploration, practical life skills and leadership development workshops; network with dozens of community leaders, corporate executives, and government officials; engage through cultural, recreational and community service outings; and interact with JRF staff, sponsors, alumni and members of JRF’s extensive volunteer corps known as “Scholar Advisory Committees” (SAC). The MLC is a highlight of JRF’s year-round mentoring efforts and culminates in JRF Scholars attending the Foundation’s Annual Robie Awards Dinner traditionally held on the first Monday of March. Throughout the year, smaller regional events and gatherings are also held.


Community Service Requirement
JRF Scholars are required to perform community service work throughout their JRF experience. Scholars must document the specifics of their service work and keep all accounts on file with JRF staff. Through these efforts, JRF Scholars gain practical skills and self-confidence and, in turn, impact the lives of thousands who benefit each year from the vast number of projects and work undertaken.
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Rachel Robinson International Fellowship (RRIF)


The Rachel Robinson International Fellowship Program (RRIF) was established in 2008 with a generous grant from the Sheila C. Johnson Foundation to promote and support international service and study opportunities for JRF Scholars. RRIF participants, chosen by a competitive process among JRF Scholars who apply, may use the grant for a variety of initiatives, such as financial support for a study abroad program, an international volunteer or philanthropic effort, or in conjunction with an approved internship or course of study abroad. View images from RRIF Fellowships


Extra Innings Fellowship (EIF)

The Extra Innings Fellowship Program (EIF) was conceived of and funded by a generous endowed gift from The Windmill Foundation to help highly motivated JRF Scholars fund the cost of advanced professional or graduate training. Through Extra Innings Fellowships, JRF seeks to promote the study of a broad range of topics and disciplines that address communities in need both across the country and around the world. Extra Innings Fellows receive multi-year gifts of up to $10,000 per year depending on need.