In Memoriam: Muhammad Ali

June 4, 2016 - News

The Jackie Robinson Foundation deeply mourns the loss of Muhammad Ali.

The three-time world boxing champion used his celebrity to fight for equal rights, and bravely proclaimed and abided by his convictions despite possible repercussions. Using his international stature to advocate for peace and dignity for all, Ali transcended athletics, leaving an indelible mark of humanitarianism on communities across the globe.

While disagreeing at times as to methodology and even philosophically, Muhammad Ali and Jackie Robinson shared a commitment to achieving equality for African Americans and a better, more inclusive American society. The two men, both very spiritual, held deep respect for each other.

“Muhammed Ali’s demonstrated sense of integrity, discipline, self respect, and courage help define the powerful legacy he leaves,” said Della Britton, JRF’s president and CEO. “Ali’s impact will be felt forever. His brave, bold and generous spirit and his uplifting presence will be terribly missed by masses of people around the world.”

The Foundation expresses its sincerest condolences to Mr. Ali’s family. Rachel Robinson will express her personal condolences privately.

“Services to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” – Muhammad Ali


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