JRF Alumni: Where Are They Now? Patrick Graham

June 14, 2015 - Alumni

The Jackie Robinson Foundation (JRF) can now add “Super Bowl” champion to its list of alumni achievements. JRF Scholar alumnus Patrick Graham, a Linebackers coach for the New England Patriots, earned a Sociology degree from Yale University in 2001.

“To be recognized by an organization like the Jackie Robinson Foundation is a great honor,” said Graham. “To be associated with a great family, the connections I made, and the different people I met, these are lifelong bonds.”

Starting his coaching career at the collegiate level with a stop at the University of Notre Dame, Graham joined the Patriots as a coaching assistant in 2009. In his first three seasons as a defensive positional coach, the Foxboro, MA native helped the Patriots lead the NFL in turnover differential in 2010 and 2012. The team also finished first in the AFC in 2011. With more than 111 million people watching the Big Game, the Patriots’ defense helped seal the team’s place in history as the winners of Super Bowl XLVI.

Considering he is part of one of the most celebrated sporting events across the globe, Patrick thinks of the opportunities he has in connection to Jackie’s sacrifices.

“Being involved in athletics makes me think of Jackie’s legacy,” he said. “Here I am, now as a 36-year-old man coaching, I definitely think about the history behind it. The program is a great opportunity for students looking for help with tuition but the chance to meet people is the most important part.”