#StepUp2ThePlate Stories: Alumni

September 14, 2017 - Alumni, Sponsors, StepUp2ThePlate

Nate’s Story: Creating New Heroes To Look Up To


“Giving kids heroes reflective of their experiences is important. And treating those heroes with the same level of respect to story as the Captain Americas and the Iron Men of the world, is really important. Giving people of all ethnicities and all races images of other ethnicities and races that are positive and heroic moves the needle. And I promise you, Black Panther? You have not seen before.”

– Nate Moore. Producer of Marvel’s “Black Panther”. JRF Alum.


Angelia’s Story: JRF Scholar Advisory Committee


“I have a tradition of calling the new JRF scholars who are coming to the Atlanta area and welcoming them to the family. That’s the most amazing experience for me to say, ‘You now have an tremendous network behind you that is going to walk with you for life’. Being on the JRF Scholar Advisory Committee has helped me to have even more appreciation for the Foundation and the many lives it has impacted.”

– Angelia Lumpkin. Coca-Cola. JRF Alum. 


Langston’s Story: Engineering Awareness for Minorities


“Since beginning my career with Praxair, Inc., I have gotten involved with an organization called BEAM – Buffalo area Engineering Awareness for Minorities. BEAM provides a first-hand look at engineering to minority students who otherwise might not be exposed to any engineering experiences. As the first person sent by Praxair this year to explain my job as an engineer, I have led several hands-on experiments and assisted with a robotics program for the kids. It’s great to see how much they’re getting out of the experience–especially how much they love Lego robotics.”

– Langston McElroyPraxair, Inc. JRF Alum. 


David’s Story: Non-profit Work Overseas 


“I have never really been by myself, in a place I didn’t really speak the language, and outside of my comfort zone until I was selected a JRF Rachel Robinson International Fellow and spent a summer in Quito, Ecuador. Working with the non-profit,CARE Ecuador, we traveled into remote, indigenous villages to teach local leaders about the resources the government could provide their youth. Some of these indigenous populations were very segregated from mainstream society. They could benefit from all these things [government services], but didn’t know that they existed. I had been relatively shy up until that point, but that trip made me break out of my shell.”

– David ThomasBMO Captial Markets. JRF Alum. 

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