Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I contact the Jackie Robinson Foundation?

Phone: (212) 290-8600 
Mail: Jackie Robinson Foundation; 75 Varick Street, 2nd floor; New York, NY 10013

Who can apply for the Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship?

Graduating high school seniors, who meet the requirements described at, may apply for the Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship.

How do I apply for the Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship?

The application is available online only at from November 1 through February 1st of each year.

If I am pursuing graduate school, may I apply for the Jackie Robinson Foundation’s Extra Innings Fellowship?

At this time, only Jackie Robinson Foundation (JRF) Scholars who are seniors and JRF alumni may apply for the Extra Innings Fellowship (EIF). If you are a JRF alumnus and are interested in applying for an EIF, please write to

How do I make a contribution to the Jackie Robinson Foundation?

Please visit the Support page at

Where can I learn more about the planned Jackie Robinson Museum?

On the homepage at, click “Museum” for information about the Jackie Robinson Museum project

Where can I buy Jackie Robinson memorabilia?

Jackie Robinson memorabilia may be purchased at:

How do I contact Rachel Robinson?

Mail may be sent to Mrs. Robinson at:
Founder’s Officer, Jackie Robinson Foundation; 75 Varick Street, 2nd floor; New York, NY 10013

I am interested in volunteer or employment opportunities at the Jackie Robinson Foundation, whom should I contact?

The Jackie Robinson Foundation has a robust volunteer network that primarily provides mentoring support for the JRF Scholars. Inquiries for this and employment opportunities may be sent to

How do I get my product or website listed on the Jackie Robinson Foundation website?

JRF does not host advertising on its website. If you have a resource that you would like us to consider including on our scholarship resources pages, please send inquiries to

I would like to interview someone about Jackie Robinson for my school project, whom should I contact?

Please contact Mireille Stephen at  You may also find information about Jackie Robinson and his life on the timeline.

Who should I contact to get rights clearance to use Jackie Robinson’s image?

Many images of Jackie Robinson are owned by various private photographers, news agencies, photograph clearinghouses, and/or Major League Baseball. For example, The Associated Press, Getty Images and Johnson Publications have extensive Jackie Robinson photo collections. Interested parties must secure clearance rights from the photograph’s owner and then with the Robinson Group. You may reach the Robinson Group by emailing

I am conducting research on Jackie Robinson, would you recommend a great resource?

Much of the collection of Jackie Robinson’s papers, over 7,000 items, are housed at the Library of Congress. For more information on the contents of these Jackie Robinson papers, visit: