Scaling Our Efforts With JRF Impact

JRF will scale its “42 Strategies for Success in College” approach to reach a broader segment of college students through a dynamic, digital platform. 


Launching Summer of 2018

For 45 years the Jackie Robinson Foundation (JRF) has helped JRF Scholars pay for and excel in college. JRF has offered mentoring and support, specifically geared towards helping promising students of color. Now, JRF Impact allows us to extend that support, along with access to JRF resources and staff, to students online.

JRF Impact’s content will help students:

  • Transition to college with tips and practical advice on adjusting to college life,
  • Handle everything from developing good study habits to finding financial aid resources, and
  • Prepare for life after graduation with advice on entering the job market.


“My mother got up before daylight to go to her job. Her great dream for us was that we go to school.”

– Jackie Robinson

To learn more about the JRF Impact program email us at

“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.”

— Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson’s guiding tenet underlies all that we do at JRF. That is why we are extending our 45-year-old mentoring and support program to a larger group. Now, we are web-enabling our services and creating an online learning community called JRF Impact. With JRF Impact, we give students critical content at the most relevant time.

JRF Impact follows the stages of college life. Starting before the first year with college readiness tips, the content advances through the college years. As graduation approaches, the content shifts to career and graduate school advice.

Using web-based content to scale up, JRF Impact helps more students excel in college and beyond. This program helps JRF expand its impact on society like never before.


Key Sponsors

The JRF Impact program was developed in partnership with Strada Education Network and the Fund II Foundation.