Arielsela Holdbrook-Smith

New York University College of Global Public Health

“Being a JRF Scholar means being able to go to almost anywhere in the country and have someone to receive or help you with an open heart. JRF is not only an academic support system that consists of a network of talented, ambitious, and diverse individuals, but a family that cares for and fosters the success of each of its members.”

2014-2015 Accomplishments

Arielsela’s academic highlight of last year was achieving the Principal’s List for an outstanding grade point average. Currently interning with the Development Office at the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA, Arielsela assists in organizing the donor database while reaching out to potential sponsors to help fund research and community outreach endeavors. This internship has allowed her to explore her interest in medical research and healthcare administration.

Career Aspirations

Arielsela would like to achieve a Bachelor’s in Public Health or Global Health and matriculate to a graduate school where she can earn a dual Master’s in Medicine and Public Health. After some work in the medical field, she wants to break into public health policy or administration. Arielsela plans to use her education to work with the Center for Disease Control, World Health Organization, or another governmental agency to improve the quality of health and insurance services; and the physician-patient dynamic in the United States and abroad. She would also like to use her love of the arts to create programs for elementary and secondary students to learn to express themselves through the arts.

Community Service

As a College Ambassador of UC San Diego, Arielsela had the opportunity to present on a student panel that encourages elementary and secondary school students, primarily from low-income families, to consider post-secondary education as a means to achieve their aspirations. By fielding questions and initiating discussion, the program helps kids make their dreams possible.


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