Ashaki Howard

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

“To be a JRF Scholar means to persevere through all hardship for the greater good of society. It means to carry the loads that are too heavy for others while also leading the race.”

2014-2015 Accomplishments

Ashaki served as a recruiter for the IMARA (Informed, Motivated, Aware, and Responsible about Aids) study at the University of Illinois, Chicago. She was also an assessor at the Community Outreach Intervention Project. Ashaki’s main focus was within a research project called Girl Talk We Talk which focused on young African American women ages 14-23. The purpose was to assess whether being predisposed to violence at a young age makes young women more prone to engage in a violent relationship.

Career Aspirations

Upon graduating from UIC with a degree in Psychology Ashaki plans to enroll in medical school. She plans to earn her MD in Psychiatry and work within the field of forensic.

Community Service

The organization in which Ashaki committed the most service was the Minority Association of Premedical Students (MAPS). She served as the organization’s president. The purpose of MAPS is to prepare students for a successful medical school application process. The organization’s parallel focus is the national gap between minority and non-minority general acceptance rate into medical school.


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