Diamond Walker

University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice

“Being a JRF Scholar means that I have to be more than just an individual in this society. I need to think how we can collectively change our communities. Each scholar is an important piece to the puzzle of shaping our society into an equal and just place.”

2014-2015 Accomplishments

Diamond was selected to be a member of the residential life staff, chosen as leader of her dance team, and personally asked to be a student fellow of the McKeen Center. She also received the 2014 Nikuradse-Matthews Summer Public Interest Fellowship to fund her summer internship at the Children’s Defense Fund in New York City where she worked on creating an interactive online map that showed locations of secure detention arrests for juveniles.

Career Aspirations

Diamond now wishes to pursue a degree in psychology with a minor in government. She then plans on pursuing a dual-degree in law and social work. Diamond wants to work directly with children effected by the juvenile justice system; she wishes to create programs for counseling, assisting families, courtroom representation, and system reform.

Community Service

Diamond was involved in the Student Admissions Volunteer Organization where she hosted prospective students. She also participated in S.W.A.T which is a team that holds games and ice breakers to help the prospective students get comfortable and introduce them to Bowdoin. Diamond also had the opportunity to speak on panels about the school and served as a valuable resource to the prospective students and parents.


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