Shaquilla Harrigan

University of Pennsylvania
Sponsor: Ph.D.

“The Jackie Robinson Foundation is not merely a program for students to receive tuition assistance. JRF is a family that raises all of its Scholars to be the best humans possible. We are taught to be well-rounded, compassionate contributors to the world around us.”

2014-2015 Accomplishments

This summer, Shaquilla interned at Sports Illustrated in New York City. The experience exposed her to current trends and practices in the journalism and magazine industry. The program reinforced Shaquilla’s desire to become a writer and taught her the interdisciplinary nature of journalism. Shaquilla was aslo elected Programming Chair of the Phillips Brooks House Association; and named Sports Editor of the Harvard Independent.

After she receives her degree in Social Studies, Shaquilla would like to obtain a master’s in either journalism or law. With those degrees, Shaquilla would like to go into journalism, specifically working at a magazine.

Career Aspirations

Community Service

As Programming Chair of the Phillips Brooks House Association, the largest student-run non-profit organization on Harvard’s campus, Shaquilla led the day-to-day support for program directors and longterm programming visioning. She also volunteered for the Keylatch After School Program and the Keylatch Mentoring Program under the Phillips Brooks House Association.


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  • Sobani Warner '89
  • Ronald Berry '94
  • Chris and Jade Dean '08
  • Lisa Farrow '94
  • Rand Harlow '88
  • John Kalaboukas '86
  • Mark Lee '90
  • Reginald Livingston '96
  • Angelia Lumpkin '97
  • Joseph Okpaku '94
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