Tuskegee University Graduate Receives 2014 Ralph E. Ward Achievement Award

Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholar Jonae Felton Recognized for Highest Cumulative Grade Point Average

New York ‐ 2013 Tuskegee University graduate Jonae Felton received the coveted Ralph E. Ward Achievement Award at the Annual Jackie Robinson Foundation Mentoring and Leadership Conference held in New York City Feb. 27‐March 4.

The award was created to recognize and support the graduating Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholar with the highest cumulative grade point average. Established with the class of 1989, this honor includes a cash award of $10,000 that may be used in any way the winner chooses.

Sponsored by the GE Foundation, Jonae obtained a grade point average of 4.0 in the demanding field of electrical engineering. Her achievement earned her the title of “Eminent Scholar” at Tuskegee University. While in school, Jonae tutored middle school girls in the Emerging Young Leaders program. She was also a volunteer in a local nursing home. Gregg Gonsalves, a JRF alumnus and co‐chair of the Jackie Robinson Board of Directors presented the award to Jonae. Gregg was the first recipient of the Ralph E. Ward Achievement Award in 1989.

“With our partners and supporters, we are delighted to recognize the extraordinary achievements of these future leaders,” said JRF President and CEO Della Britton Baeza. “Jonae exemplifies all that we encourage in maintaining the legacyof Jackie Robinson, who challenged us to excel in all areas of our lives. Her remarkable achievements in and out of the classroom are truly in the spirit of Jackie and Rachel Robinson”.

Jonae is currently working at Chevron. She plans to attend graduate school to continue her studies in electrical engineering and hopes to also attend law school.

About the Jackie Robinson Foundation:

Established in 1973, the Jackie Robinson Foundation (JRF) is the nation’s premier higher education and leadership development program. Transcending financial assistance, the Foundation equips its scholarship recipients with a comprehensive set of support services including internship placement, career guidance, and practical life skills, resulting in a nearly 100% graduation rate, more than twice the national average for minority students. The over 1,400 JRF alumni are both leaders in their professional fields and consummate ambassadors of Jackie Robinson’s legacy of community service. This 2013‐2014 academic year, JRF is providing generous financial aid and program support to 200 Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholars representing 36 states and the District of Columbia and enrolled in 96 different colleges and universities across the country.